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The Secret Language of Wing Tsun

A World-First in Wing Tsun

Buy now and access:

  1. Introduction to the secrets of Siu Nim Tao by Si-Fu Julian Hitch
  2. Tutorials on 8 individual parts of the Siu Nim Tao Form by a language expert  
  3. Tutorial on the complete Siu Nim Tao from beginning to finish
  4. Access to discussions on each part of the form, to share and learn with others

Unlock the deep wisdom within Wing Tsun.

The Siu Nim Tao, is the first form of the Wing Tsun system, and, the foundation for the 3 other forms. 

The masters of old would beautifully describe it as 'The Key is in the Names". Understand the names of the Siu Nim Tao and you unlock not only how you should perform the movement - but also the deeper, ancient wisdom that has been hidden within it for generations.

The Siu Nim Tao contains a wealth of wisdom within it - from practical self-defence to one of the highest forms of self-development. Originating from the Shaolin Temple in 1644, this unique method of training has been used ever since by Masters to pass on ways to be grounded and secure in an insecure world, whilst showing you the way for a more enlightened and empowered way of living.

This course reveals the hidden secrets and will help you in developing your understanding and knowledge on:

  • The names in Cantonese (the traditional dialect in the area of China where Wing Tsun originates from)
  • Correct pronunciation of the movements
  • Their literal and symbolic meaning in English
  • How you can write these down - translating the Chinese characters, which are pictographic, into written English words 

Suitable for beginners, experienced practitioners, or, those with a passing interest in Wing Tsun. Join us on your journey through the first of four doors in Wing Tsun

Learning a martial art can be challenging at the best of times. Layer on the fact that it originates from a country where you are not a native, and you have a receipt for confusion. Learning can take decades – and even then it’s hit and miss whether you have the right information. Small differences can have huge impacts on your skill, understanding - and your results.

Struggle no more… It for this reason we created the world’s first guide to the Secret Language of Wing Tsun. Created and delivered to you by top experts.

We know what it’s like to be that beginner who wants to leant but just doesn’t know where to start – or how to get that professional help. And we also know what it’s like to be a senior who wishes there was a simple guide for helping yourself, and others, gain greater understanding and mastery.

Simple, Affordable World-Class Training by experts

We start at the beginning, so everything else makes sense. We’ve structured this masterclass around the best of learning methods. Buy this course now to receive instant access to 9 short videos which give you clear, simple training on the names, pronunciation and meaning of all the words in Siu Nim Tao.

You can have perfect pronunciation. Your teacher is a native Cantonese speaking Wing Tsun teacher, with over a decade of experience of Wing Tsun. He has taught this internationally – and literally on stage to hundreds of people at a time.

Easy, accessible and repeatable – your pocket Wing Tsun trainer

This training works. In fact the structure is so easy to learn that our video editor, who had never done Wing Tsun before, was able to tell us the names of the movements from memory…

Progress in a way that suits you. We structured this in bite size chunks. With thousands of students having successfully passed our schools, we know what how to give you the perfect blend of simplicity, flexibility and structure.

Everything you’ll ever need – and more. Buy now and you’ll receive instant access to:

  • 8 videos on the 8 parts of the form
  • 1 Full-length video of the whole form
  • Each of the 108 movements with simple, repeatable and correct pronunciation
  • The best English translation for each movement
  • Every Chinese word written in English (Pin-yin translation to Latin alphabet)
  • The Chinese Characters for every word

 Perfect for:

  • Beginners and Seniors alike
  • Learning and mastering the art
  • Furthering your knowledge of Wing Tsun
  • Preparing for Gradings

We took our time, so you don’t have to. This course went through years in the making (we first conceived this in 2002!). Since then, this went through multiple layers of wisdom to ensure we have you the very best training available anywhere. This included four different stages:

  • Si-Fu Julian Hitch’s traditional Wing Tsun heritage
  • Native Cantonese Wing Tsun teacher with over a decade of experience
  • Chinese character specialist
  • Cross-checked against traditional Chinese Language books and reference libraries

Harness the power of names. Chinese is a pictorial language, so the names of each movement give a description of how that movement should look. These are described in 3 ways:

1. How the position should look (e.g. Palm of the hand upwards);

2. How the motion should look and feel (e.g. scooping hand) or;

3. The effect the movement should have (eg splitting arm).

Small tweaks or mistranslations of this can give you the wrong concept, wrong position or wrong dynamics. Master the names and you will save significant time, energy – and many years of corrections.

Buy now to begin your journey through the secrets of Wing Tsun