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The Kwoon Dream Team

Led by Si-Fu Julian Hitch, we are privileged to have a unique abundance of talent in our Kwoon team. This is the culmination of decades spent researching and meeting the top experts and exploring any modality that help you achieve your potential and create the life that you wish to live.

We have a team of expert Wing Tsun teachers, along with everyone else you could have dreamed of, from top scientists and biohackers to alternative specialists such as acupuncturists, homeopaths, osteopaths and organic living specialists. We have left no stone unturned to create the greatest empowered community for you. And if this wasn’t enough, the Kwoon team also includes Chinese culture experts, Chi Gung masters, tea masters, artists and military training experts.

Furthermore, our courses and training were created with some of the best modern career coaches and behaviour change experts. We take Kwoon seriously so you can enjoy every moment of your time with us.


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