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“Quite simply if you are going to do one thing in your life that truly offers you the highest level of self-development and awareness then do this.” Ami, Art Psychotherapist

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Kwoon is your digital sanctuary, offering insights and teachings from the greatest wisdom traditions in human history. Our mission is simple: to provide the best of wisdom traditions, both modern and ancient, to the world. Our courses are carefully crafted to give you the optimum balance between learning, reflection and action.

Find your flow and elevate your life with some of the greatest teachers. Whether you are just starting your career or seeking to elevate specific aspects of your life, Kwoon offers a platform for you to shift and upgrade your life.

“Exceptionally rewarding. Consistently excellent – knowledgeable, engaging and caring team.” Kenny, Managing Editor, National Newspaper


Our Courses

The Secret Language of Wing Tsun

Welcome to a World first in Wing Tsun Kung Fu.. Learning, made simple… 



The Mastery Mindset

This course includes: - 8-week programme - Signed copy of 'Winning not Fighting' - Weekly Access to Julian every Friday - 45min open door Q&A


Transforming Lives with Timeless Wisdom

Unlike many courses that promise the world, Kwoon aims to be different. We are not just in the teaching and training business; we are here to serve and transform humanity. Everything we do at Kwoon is with the specific aim of making people's lives better and more fulfilling. Our goal is to help you remove anything that stops you from being the greatest expression of yourself.

"Absolutely brilliant. Above excellent. Knowledge was unsurpassed and absolutely relevant to my job and future career."

 John, Special Forces Support Group

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“I had self-limiting beliefs. Participating in this journey, I learned how to trust myself and believe I could do it. Kwoon teaches you that you can do it.”