The Kwoon is a sacred, safe space in which personal empowerment is practiced, helping to balance and liberate the self

When you walk through the door of the Kwoon, you begin a journey that will set you free. Then, at each new stage of progression, you enter another ‘door


Stress Free Guide

We all could do with a little less stress in our lives. But how to do this? Si-Fu Julian Hitch shares his wisdoms with you - and practical steps how to reduce your levels of stress. After all the world's a better place - when you're in a better place. And, as the ancient masters stated, 'When you change one person's life, you change the world'

“I had self-limiting beliefs. Participating in this journey, I learned how to trust myself and believe I could do it. That’s what Wing Tsun does - teaches you that you can do it.”


About Julian

A world-renowned Master of Wing Tsun Kung Fu,

Julian applies the tenets of Wing Tsun to re-establish the flow and balance of daily life. He utilises the teachings and philosophy of Wing Tsun to help individuals and organisations transform personally and professionally.

Julian began teaching Wing Tsun aged just 17, setting numerous Martial Arts and Guinness World Records, as well as teaching special forces units, bodyguards and national champions. He is the youngest ever Master, in addition to being the first ever Western ‘to-dai’ (son) of the legendary Grandmaster Máday Norbert. Sifu Julian’s dedication and expertise is respected globally.


Path to Transformation

Combine the ancient power and wisdom of Wing Tsun to deliver practical ways to
improve and sustain your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.


Our Courses

The Secret Language of Wing Tsun

Welcome to a World first in Wing Tsun Kung Fu.. Learning, made simple… 



Path to Transformation

This course includes: - 8-week programme - Signed copy of 'Winning not Fighting' - Weekly Access to Julian every Friday - 45min open door Q&A


The Mastery Mindset

This course includes: - 8-week programme - Signed copy of 'Winning not Fighting' - Weekly Access to Julian every Friday - 45min open door Q&A


What can I expect from the course?

This unique digital course is built around experiencing the physical forms of the martial art, in order to facilitate a deep dive into the spirituality and philosophy of Wing Tsun itself. All of the ancient messages that teach us how to live contently and joyfully are linked to the physical forms, so it is through movement that we understand the meaning.

This is mindfulness in motion. Experiencing the empowerment of Wing Tsun gives you a single-minded focus that allows you to overcome all kinds of conflict and stress. The principles and philosophy woven through the physical forms of Wing Tsun teach us how to take control of our actions, and train us how to accept that it is only our actions that count, not the actions of others.

Wing Tsun is a tool to keep you continually ahead of the game by forming a deep connection with your true self.

Wing Tsun provides a versatile self-help tool for modern living that can be employed frequently to all elements of life. It can be utilised any time we feel attacked: physically, verbally, metaphorically and emotionally. Wing Tsun provides us with a single-minded focus that roots us in the present and allows us to act based on love, not fear.

As the world changes and adapts, so should you. Wing Tsun teaches you how to remain ahead of the game by connecting you to your inner compass and providing the backbone for a life-long journey of self dependency, self awareness and ultimately, happiness.

There are three key elements at the heart of Wing Tsun:

Enjoying the present

Achieving longevity

Being yourself

This 8-part interactive programme is a guided journey to self-realisation. By applying the ancient philosophies rooted in Wing Tsun to your own life, you will learn how to enjoy the present, build resilience and longevity and truly know who you are. The process can have a transformational effect on everything from your career to your outlook, relationships with others and vitally, the relationship you have with yourself.

Wisdom of Wing Tsun will take you through a new way of experiencing life, and can facilitate transformation in many aspects, from your career to finances, as well as the relationship you have with yourself, other people and the planet.

During this process of self discovery, you will connect to who you are innately and remove the restrictions and limiting beliefs you’ve placed upon yourself about who you’ve been in the past.

Testimonials from Julian's Wing Tsun students