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Life happens – and when it does, we all need a little guidance and support. At Wisdom of Wing Tsun we’re here for exactly this. We know what it’s like to feel lost, stressed, burn-out, disillusioned and generally unhappy and purposeless. We also know what it’s like to juggle parenting, jobs, relationships and running your own business – leaving you feeling helplessly overwhelmed and trapped.

But there is another way

Path to Transformation

Path to Transformation is an 8 week on-line course that allows you to access the innate skills you need to live the life you want, in the way that you want.  Led by globally renowned author, speaker and Wing Tsun master, Si-Fu Julian Hitch, we are a group of specialists in the art of Wing Tsun, with decades of experience of coaching, teaching and delivering personal transformations. We have helped thousands of people for the last 21 years, spending over nearly one hundred thousand hours in the process. Our expertise is unparalleled – and Path to Transformation is the foundation of it all.

"Even before I joined I could see the impressive, positive effects on my partner who joined 2 months before me. His way of life changed radically – I could only join too! Serious, dynamic, professional, human and very friendly."

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Join the World First

This course is a special method based on some of the most ancient and powerful teachings known to humankind. Dating back over 1500 years, Wing Tsun was taught in secret, generation after generation. It may sound dramatic but this method is being shared on-line with you, for the very first time in world history. 

We have transformed the lives of thousands of people we have worked with, from all walks of life.  From CEOs to soldiers, priests to commuters, farmers to financiers, our teachings have been widely adopted.

"Absolutely brilliant. Above excellent. Knowledge is unsurpassed and absolutely relevant to my job and future career."

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Support you need. Whenever you need it

We have applied the same guidance to business, helping guide incredible results in a sustainable format – whilst allowing leaders, managers and team members to have the tools to deal with the challenges that businesses face as they grow. Now you can access the same training.

"Quite simply if you are going to do one thing in your life that truly offers you the highest level of self development and awareness then do Wing Tsun."

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We have countless examples of people that have achieved the promotions that they wanted, found the job that they truly desired, and helped create happy, successful relationships. We have helped people find and let go of the things that were holding them back. Equally we have helped people deal with bereavements, marriage breakdowns, mental health challenges and drug abuse challenges. We have literally saved lives through our teachings.

"The lessons have shaped me into a better person. I have learned to be in control of myself, manage my emotions and remain calm in stressful situations. At the same time, I have applied Wing Tsun theory in my workplace and it has greatly improved my performance. Above all, it has given me the confidence that we all strive to have. Thank you!"


Experience the Key Transformation Factor

The Path to Transformation enables you to transform how you experience life. It goes beyond how you think, your beliefs and your confidence to create and reveal something far deeper and more profound.

It's not just another method of improving your ‘self-talk’ – which, while important, is only a temporary fix at best. The Path to Transformation is about bringing a deep state of inner knowing. You don’t need to build your confidence or belief because you know who you are. It shows you how to truly integrate your whole being.

It’s one thing to believe you can achieve a better life for yourself. It’s completely different to know and experience it right away. The Path to Transformation gives you step by step guidance to make that a reality for you, starting right now.

There is one key success factor, and that is a specialist way of delivering and revealing the knowledge. And that’s through movement. Practising the simple Wing Tsun motions allows a complete retraining, and reframing, of your experience of life. Finding your purpose, power and harmony in your life requires you to embody it – not to think it. Thoughts constantly chatter and change – but deep within you there is an inner knowing and wisdom that is patiently waiting to be revealed.

"It’s as if I have connected to my original source of force. It is empowering - providing awareness and confidence. It allows me to see from a different perspective and act based on knowing who I am and how I feel, not what I fear."


Path to Transformation is a beautifully powerful ancient wisdom that is highly relevant to modern times. Neither schooling or parenting really prepare us for the challenges of adult life. We are not given a framework or effective toolkit to deal with the stresses, challenges of the modern world. At best, we ‘wing’ it and hope for the best. Path to Transformation changes this. It gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. Furthermore, it helps you approach life in a way that is sustainable, building inherent resilience to whatever challenges you face.

A beautifully powerful ancient wisdom for modern times

You’re not alone

We’re here to support you. When you understand the nature of life, you realise that while your life is unique to you, the challenges we face as human beings are universal. This is not theory to us. The Path to Transformation will help put a smile back on your face and heart, leaving you light and fresh.

This same guidance has helped businesses grow 45% in 5 years using these principles - and deal with unexpected challenges that could have ended them.

"Best learning experience of my career."

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Revealed for the first time

We’ve all wished from time to time that someone would show us the secrets of life. Well, Wing Tsun made a study of that for the last 1,500 years…This knowledge was taught in secret for hundreds of years – and even now only a precious few have really tapped into it’s true potentiality. We have made the understanding, sharing and dissemination of this the work of our lives.

Who this course is for

If you’re feeling disconnected, disillusioned or stuck in a rut, Path to Transformation is here for you. Or perhaps you’re feeling lost, purposeless, not knowing what to do next. Or simply lacking the confidence to go for the job you want, start the business of your dreams or find  relationships that are right for you.

Path to Transformation provides you with the skills and answers that you already have, but you didn’t know how to access. It empowers you, and shows you how to find the solution to whatever challenges you are facing. If you’re ready for the next step – going beyond challenges -  it's about creating a life of success and harmony. One that allows you to live a life full of purpose and personal power.

What outcomes will you achieve?

With a uniquely holistic approach, this course is designed to enhance many areas of your life. Ultimately the goal is to help you to find your way, get you back on track and back to feeling energized and alive. 

By changing how you move, think and feel, understanding your emotions and transforming your state you will change your actions. By changing your actions you will change your outcomes.


This course is for modern professionals who want to:

  • Build confidence and get the promotion
  • Discover their professional purpose
  • Decide on their next career move
    Take their business to the next level
  • Generate more fulfilment and success in their current career


This course if for modern parents and individuals who want to:

  • Create more harmony in their relationships
  • Connect more deeply with their partner
  • Strengthen the bond with their children


This course is for individuals who want to:

  • Feel better within their body
  • Proactively improve their mental health
  • Improve their sense of wellbeing
  • Create a greater sense of freedom
  • Overcome their fears
  • Make empowered life decisions
  • Transform their self talk
  • Reduce their stress anxiety and indecisiveness

How the course works

The Path to Transformation takes place over eight weeks. There are 4 key parts to each stage, with an additional optional deep dive:

1: Movement
2: Life Skills
3. Physical reinforcement
4. Integration

"Excellent, professional, authentic and friendly. I couldn’t ask for more…"


SECTION 1: Movement creates flow

As humans we are designed to move – yet so much of our life has become sedentary. This has had profound ramifications on both our well-being and our sense of self. We have become disconnected from our body and the world around us. So much so that we struggle to see a way out of it 

Movement is one of the fundamentals to this. Ancient masters realised that the way to living a contented and happy life was to begin by moving. Positive thoughts, philosophies and ideas are powerful – but unless they can be integrated into our way of being – they are just passing moments, easily replaced by negative ones when faced with challenges. 

Wing Tsun found another way.

By using the medium of a martial art, it shows you what your fears are, and how to dissolve them. And how to find a new positive, powerful way of living that taps into your innate nature and freed. Wing Tsun understood our capacity for fear, destruction and unhappiness – and found a way to escape from the negative aspects of life.

Wing Tsun has a special way of life coaching which the Chinese call “when you train the hand, you train the brain”. Through practising natural physical movements, powerful teachings become integrated into your body and your way of thinking, without having to consciously remember. 

A beautiful blend of physical, spiritual and health Wing Tsun is taught by the traditional method of mastery, with the best of modern teaching skills. It will help you truly understand and connect with your body, mind and spirit.

You will learn the teachings, movements and applications of the ‘first door’ of Wing Tsun - including the vital learnings of knowing yourself and how to let go of your behaviours, thought processes and patterns that are holding you back.

"Truly worthwhile and amazing teaching"


Movement creates self-knowledge

Break through the illusion

We are so often told that we need to be like somebody else to be successful or that we need certain objects to be happy. We are sat down in classrooms from a young age and told what we need to be successful. But this is far from the truth – the first secret to being successful is by being you. But how many times were you actually asked – who are you? The purpose of the Path to Transformation is to start with you. Understand who you are, how you work, and what it is you want.

Each of us has a gift, expressed in a unique way. And, despite what you may be told, no-one can tell you what this is. It is a feeling and it comes from within. You have to find it, own it and allow it to express. The fact of the matter is, the world needs you to be you. Just like an apple doesn’t try to be a pear, you just need to be you.

Skills are useful – but only when you know who you are. Humans crave authenticity. People buy you – not your CV or your education. It’s the real you they want. And, ultimately, the most influential and powerful people are the ones that truly know who they are.

"Very well run – I’m so impressed! It is so much fun and I love how I am constantly improving."


The Journey

By investing in this course you'll get access to key learnings that will translate into actionable tasks. During the 8 week program, you'll be guided through a comprehensive process of connecting to your body, discovering your fears, gaining awareness around stress triggers, harnessing the power of your mind, creating balance (on your terms), developing resilience and feeling empowered.

You can take action on the learnings and activities immediately.

Each week has 5 modules expertly designed to support your learning objectives. The methodology of the Wisdom of Wing Tsun works in four, simple but hugely powerful ways. These are:

1. Discover and practise the movement
2. Learn the life skills
3. Reinforce the skills
4. Incorporate the wisdoms into your daily life

Each week, world-renowned master Si-Fu Julian Hitch will guide through the movements in simple easy stages. You will learn empowering exercises that you can integrate into your daily life and to use as a method to bring you back into balance whenever you feel you need it.

1. Movement

Through highly crafted video tutorials you will experience this week’s learnings

2. Life Skills

Specialist video tutorial teaching  giving in-depth access as to how to  apply the teaching to your life.

3. Physical Illustration

Visual representation of the movement application to reinforce the message – giving you further context and clarity

4. Private Study

Each module is supported with downloadable PDF workbooks. Created in collaboration with qualified world-class life coaches.

5. Bonus Content

Optional deeper dive into the week’s learnings: through the history, culture and philosophy of Wing Tsun.

Module Breakdown

Week 1: Mindfulness in Motion

Week 3: Freedom from Stress

Week 5: Balance

Week 7: Empowerment & Responsibility

Week 2: Fear + Trust

Week 4: Power of the Mind

Week 6: Growth + Resilience

Week 8: Integration & Connectivity

Price Breakdown

£750 or two payments of £385

(upon undertaking the course – and upon starting the second month/week 4)


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