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"Brilliant teaching. I would recommend to anyone"


The Forest Kwoon is the modern day answer to the Shaolin Temple

Based amongst beautiful ancient oaks on an organic farm, we have spent 25 years dedicated to creating this dream.

And we created this space, so you can find yours...

Hear the birdsong, breathe in the beautiful fresh woodland air, train in nature - and experience the very best of training in martial arts, well-being and Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

London. But not as you know it

The Forest Kwoon is located in Bromley, South-East London, in a unique 'green triangle' between Keston, Bromley Common and Hayes. Experience the very best of Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Martial Arts and Well-Being, with a friendly, engaging and welcoming environment. 

Our classes run on both evenings and weekend, and our Kwoon Dream Team run a number of events, workshops and private lessons. Contact us to find out more and to book a free trial.

As we are on private land, we just ask that all visits must be booked in advance. 

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"Quite simply if you are going to do one thing in your life that truly offers you the highest level of self development and awareness then do Wing Tsun."

Art Psychotherapist

World Class Facilities for a World Class Experience

We believe it’s important for you to invest your time wisely. So we created a place to reflect that. In fact, we think it’s so good that you won’t want to leave.

The Forest Kwoon. Our signature space, this contains everything you could dream of in Wing Tsun Kung Fu and the martial arts. As visitors often say to us ‘it’s like being in a movie – where you go there for a year and come out a completely different person’. Our buildings were designed with a top Feng Shui master (and we think you’ll feel the good vibes), and made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly and organic materials. Inside you with find a it decorated with original Chinese artwork.

The equipment. From wooden dummies to swords to traditional Chinese weapons to martial arts training pads, we have it all. And lots of them.

The natural movement gym. We designed our outdoor area with natural movement specialist Tony Riddle. Here you use pull up bars, monkey bars, dips, Olympics rings & climbing rope to develop your natural body movement, agility and strength.

The Yang Space. Our covered outside space in the woods with great range of punch bags – from wall-bags to hanging bags to a top of the range focus master.

The Freedom Poles. Unique training poles which help you release your fears and create a calm, focused outlook. 1ft, 3ft, 5ft and 8ft high they give you a different perspective on life - and are a firm favourite of the students.

The Sword Place. Special dummies for training sword techniques

And the Meditation Spaces. We have a small lake where you can let you tension float way, natural clearing where you can just be and a multitude of other private spaces. You’ll going to want to come early to have a stroll

And there's more... 

And if that’s not enough, we run a whole range of wellness activities here – from sound therapy with crystal singing bowls, gongs baths and more, to state-of-the art biohacking equipment and retreats. Join our mailing list to keep informed

"I feel I have grown and changed in so many different aspects of my life, that I can no longer imagine my life without Wing Tsun…if it’s the personal growth, rooted in the discovery that despite years of competitive sport and military training, I didn’t truly know how to control and use my body to the best of its abilities. Or if it's in the inner calmness that pursuing a martial art mixed with traditional teachings, Chi Gung and the deep mental exercise required by Wing Tsun, inevitably achieves. Follow the techniques as taught, they truly work."

Tech Engineer

Choose your travel. 

Our Forest Kwoon in Bromley, London has all the amenities of the city, with none of the down-sides. You no longer have to travel to far flung places to get the very best out of Wing Tsun Kung Fu, Martial arts and Wisdom traditions. It's here waiting for you in Bromley, London.

We have ample free car-parking with numerous stations and bus routes.
Bromley South Train Station is only 10 minutes away, with fast trains from London Victoria train station in only 15 minutes. Hayes (Kent) Train Station is similarly close with direct trains from Lewisham, London Bridge, Waterloo East and Charing Cross

Buses: We are nearby a number of bus routes including: 146 from Bromley North Train Station to Downe; 353 from Orpington to Selsdon; 320 takes you to outside our road, and covers from Catford to Bromley to Biggin Hill; 119 goes from Bromley North to Croydon and; the 358 goes from Orpington to Crystal Palace.



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