Hi, I'm Julian Hitch

Sifu Julian Hitch is a globally renowned Master of Wing Tsun, author, public speaker and coach. 

Julian has a passion for helping people like you achieve their purpose and find harmony in their life. Julian specialises in high impact work to help you truly understand yourself, removing limiting beliefs and creating flow in your life. He has worked with everyone from Global celebrities, UHNW individuals, CEOS and Special Forces units to priests. He is recognised as a top business influencer.

An acknowledged expert in high performance and well-being, Julian first appeared on TV aged 21, and has since featured in documentaries and countless media features from Forbes to the BBC. Julian has now been practising Wing Tsun for over 23 years, setting numerous records, including Guinness World Records.

He regularly lectures internationally at universities, conferences and companies on how to live healthy and fulfilling lives. For four and half years he was Director of Well-Being for Leon Restaurants (a healthy fast food chain), and co-authored the best-selling book Winning not Fighting: Why you need to rethink success and how you achieve it with the Ancient Art of Wing Tsun.

Julian also runs a small organic farm on the outskirts of London, UK. He is an ambassador for Vivo Barefoot, Bellicon and Wellness Water.

Why Julian does what he does.

From a small child, Julian had an innate drive to make a positive difference in this world. He has always challenged the perceived limitations of life, with an endless passion to support those he meets on his life journey.

Knowing the power of Wing Tsun to transform people’s lives, his career has been one of creating new frontiers for the martial art and finding new ways for facilitating personal freedom through Wing Tsun. In an unceasing quest to share, he has taught across the world from China, Japan and Middle East to US and Europe. From combat to mental health to profound self-development, Julian has made waves in every industry he has worked in.

Personally, his career has been one of continued investment in personal growth - dedicating over 40,000 hours and over investing over £350,000 into his career training. He is a teacher of teachers, with over 120 people having successfully qualified under his tuition, many setting records in their own right.


Unlock passion, power and purpose in your life.

The Path to Transformation is an 8 week on-line course that allows you to access the innate skills you need to live the life you want, in the way that you want.

The course will enable you to transform how you experience life. It goes beyond how you think, your beliefs and your confidence to create and reveal something far deeper and more profound.

Unparalled Expertise

Unlike traditional wellbeing providers, Sifu Julian Hitch and his team twin culture and wellbeing with business performance. We do this by combining our unparalleled expertise of preventative health with our understanding of how humans behave and then use this to embed a strategy into business cultures.

Ultimately, we are a transformational high performance and wellbeing company with a unique method based upon an integrative model of wellness that has a practical application to modern society. Our technique is rooted in helping individuals achieve success by aligning them to their true sense of self and purpose.


You should know...

Work with Julian

  1. To request Julian’s availability in the capacity of a business, keynote or guest speaker, or to find out Julian’s availability for corporate workshops and group Wing Tsun lessons, or for anything else, please fill in the short form.


  1. Julian's expertise is widely respected, from CEOs to prison reform charities, parents to priests, supporting anyone who wants to make a positive difference to their life. He's worked across a number of different sectors taking the Wisdoms of Wing Tsun into companies, charities and institutions to create highly effective cultures, ways of living and business success. Click here to see some of the clients Julian has worked with.


  1. Julian has appeared in the media many times from TV documentaries such as XXX and XXX to articles about his first book 'Winning not Fighting'

Julian's Career Highlights  

  • Aged 15: attended Dulwich College, London: began training Wing Tsun 
  • Aged 17: started teaching Wing Tsun; teaching his teachers at school, teaching classes of 60 people, along with his first high net worth individual as a private student.
  • Aged 18: became youngest person in the country to achieve 1st Technician (equivalent to 2nd Degree Black belt)
  • Aged 18: began teaching black belts from other styles
  • Aged 18: became the youngest person in the country to open a Wing Tsun school. Opened his first School in Bromley, London (UK)– 3 months before taking his A-Levels
  • Aged 18: Opens his second school in Petts Wood, London 1 month before studying History at UCL. Taught full-time throughout his degree achieving 2:1.
  • Aged 19: first male teacher qualifies under his tuition
  • Aged 19: created specialist women’s self-defence programmes teaching at numerous schools
  • Aged 19: released first training DVD: Wing Tsun Kung Fu, the Ultimate Home Training DVD
  • Aged 20: first female teacher qualified under his tuition
  • Aged 20: becomes the first person to perform martial arts live in The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley
  • Aged 20: awarded 2nd Technician (equivalent to 3rd Dan) in Malta
  • Aged 20: ran first international training retreat in Cyprus
  • Aged 21: appears on ITV as a ‘martial arts expert’.
  • Aged 21: began teaching Judo and kickboxing National Champion
  • Aged 21: began teaching military personnel and consulting for bodyguard training companies creating unique 3rd party defence programmes
  • Aged 21: first ever non-Eastern European student accepted as student by legendary Grandmaster Máday Norbert
  • Aged 22: youngest ever male in the world to achieve 3rd Technician (equivalent to 4th Dan) in Poland
  • Aged 22: began law conversion course at University of Law (graduated with Commendation)
  • Aged 24: youngest ever person in the world to achieve 4th Technician Level (equivalent to 5th Dan) in Hungary
  • Aged 24: awarded the Lord Justice Holker Scholarship by Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
  • Aged 25: graduated law degree with 2:1. Qualified as a Barrister
  • Aged 25: opened full-time martial art school in Letchworth Drive. Ceremony by Mayor of Bromley
  • Aged 25: qualified as a counter-terrorism instructor. Created specialist weapons retention programme for British Military
  • Aged 25: began life-coaching CEOs through Wing Tsun wisdoms
  • Aged 26: trained as a therapist in Active Isolated Stretching
  • Aged 26: introduced the wisdoms of Wing Tsun to the corporate world – running courses at Morgan Stanley
  • Aged 27: began teaching Special Forces units.
  • Aged 27: taught undefeated 2 x Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the Army who found a ‘much more effective method’ through Wing Tsun teaching.
  • Aged 26: set Guinness World Record for longest ever aerobic exercise – training continuously for 29hours and 5 minutes. Raised £12,000 for St Michael’s Hospice.
  • Aged 27: record breaking tour of China performing in 21 different locations in 11 days. Was the first foreign martial artist to perform inside the Forbidden City, Beijing and the first independent school to perform on stage at the Shaolin Temple, performing to 1,000 people.
  • Aged 27: set the world record at the Great Wall of China, along with 9 students, for the most ever full-contact kicks in one hour (19,300)
  • Aged 27: released first book Wing Tsun returns to the Shaolin Temple– launched by Benjamin Zephaniah in Bromley
  • Aged 28: rebroke Guinness World Record, training continually for 36 hours and 12 minutes. Raised over £20,000 for Help for Heroes.
  • Aged 28: first person to perform martial art demonstration at London Victoria Train Station
  • Aged 28: personal security officer’s life saved through Julian’s gun defence programme
  • Aged 28: Julian’s student set record for fastest qualification to Black Belt achieving this in 6 months
  • Aged 28: created 30 Challenge – challenging Londoners to train at least 30 hours in the 30 days. The record for hours trained was by a female student who trained 167 hours whilst working full-time.
  • Aged 29: performed expert commentary and choreography for History Channel documentary Ancient Black Ops: Ismaili Assassins. His speed of motion was described as ‘too fast for slow motion’ by the director.
  • Aged 30: 120th teacher qualified under his tuition
  • Aged 30: first pupils pass A-Level PE with Wing Tsun achieving highest possible grade
  • Aged 31: researched, choreographed and trained actors for Discovery Channel documentary Ancient Assassins: Kung Fu Nun.
  • Aged 31: raised £5,000 for the crime prevention charity Key4Life by auctioning his skills
  • Aged 31: introduced Wing Tsun principles and teachings to Leon Restaurant Head Office.
  • Aged 31: created the Kung Fu Barista programme which reduced stress, improved quality and increased speed of coffee making by up to 89 seconds.
  • Aged 31: keynote speaker for UK’s largest HR conference – HR Directors Conference.
  • Aged 31: advisor to the CEO of Leon Restaurants. Appointed as Director of Well-Being.
  • Aged 32: created multi award-winning well-being programme for Leon. Launched martial arts centre for Leon Restaurant staff just off Oxford Street, London
  • Aged 32: Julian’s Wing Tsun teachings called ‘a new paradigm for business‘ by The Daily Telegraph.
  • Aged 32: took over family farm, making it Soil Association certified Organic
  • Aged 33: helped launch Leon internationally in the US. Visited Taiwan and Japan as an Ambassador to Leon
  • Aged 34: named as one of the top business influencers by Stylus
  • Aged 34: acknowledged as corporate well-being expert – speaking at numerous summits including MadWord Summit, FUTR, WellToDo, Mind Body Spirit, Interlaw and Live Well London. Recognised for supporting positive mental health in the workplace
  • Aged 35: co-founded The Conscious Coach to spread positive transformation through the teachings of Wing Tsun to companies and individuals. Worked with numerous businesses including Lidl, Leigh Day, Major Players, Morgan McKinley, Montreal Associates, Trowers & Hamlin, Travellers, SR Group and Giff Gaff.
  • Aged 36: wrote best-selling book Winning not Fighting with co-author John Vincent published by Penguin. Featured by FT as book of the month. Book shows how Wing Tsun wisdoms resulted in a turn-around from near collapse at Leon, helped the company have a 45% compound growth and expand from 17-71 restaurants over 5 years.
  • Aged 36: featured on BBC, Forbes, Sky, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Management Today, Mr Porter, FT, CNBC and numerous other media outlets.
  • Aged 36: opened London Bridge Kwoon for both the public and Leon staff
  • Aged 37: featured on Channel 5 for his organic farm
  • Aged 37: supported Baston House School, which educate children Autistic Spectrum Conditions, with safe weekly work experience on his farm during the pandemic
  • Aged 37: ran safe, organic tree planting for Georgian children with the Georgian Ambassador, MP for Beckenham, Mayor of Bromley and Archbishop Zenon
  • Aged 37: coached and lectured extensively on well-being and mental health during Covid 19 Pandemic. Clients included Dell, Muzinich and Co, Apax Partners, Mischon de Reya, Saffrey Champness, Blue Latitude, University of Law, SEACOM (The Study of Enterprise Agility Community), Buzzbar, Grass People Tree,DiveIn Network and Diversity Network. Conferences included HR Grapevine Live, TBD (Technology Behaviour Data) and Employee Well-Being Conference
  • Aged 37: Interviewed David Beckham about well-being and tai chi