Creating freedom for thousand of years

Meaning ‘beautiful springtime’, Wing Tsun is a revolutionary method that focuses on a personalised study of humanity and is one the most powerful methods for self-development and harmony in the world.


Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is an ancient art from China that dates back to 495 AD. It was created as a way of finding harmony during inharmonious times, and discovering your place in the world. It did this through the unique movements of martial arts.

Wing Tsun shows you how to uniquely put together the Yin (internal) and Yang (external) aspects of your being, giving you a holistic approach to achieving unity of mind, body and spirit. It shows you the essence of your human nature, your possibility and how to create a feeling of lightness and ease in your life, going far beyond what you normally experience.

One of the oldest martial arts, it is also the only martial art ever created by women giving it a special balance and perspective. (By comparison Karate was formed in the 1880’s, Aikido in the 1920’s Krav Magra in the 1940’s and Taekwondo in the 1950’s). Bruce Lee, the man who popularised martial arts throughout the world, based his teachings on Wing Tsun.

Kwoon is here to take you much deeper – giving you its specialised methods for bringing about transformation for the very first time.

Transcend your fears. Find your inner calm.

The process of Wing Tsun begins by showing you how we can move from the state of simply trying to survive, which for many of us is our daily experience, to one where you can feel free, light, content and secure.

Wing Tsun is an ancient form of physical therapy, getting you out of your head, into your body and engaged in the present moment. It is about finding harmony in your life, and taking that with you – no matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing.

Created by request. Fuelled by passion

A first in world history, Kwoon translates this powerful martial art into supporting personal success into a truly accessible way. For many years, we’ve been asked to support those who cannot meet us directly (we released our first home training DVD way back in 2002).

While we travel the world teaching, and have qualified over 120 teachers, there is still only a limited number of people we can help this way. Kwoon changes all of this. It gives you direct access to the very best of our team, our teachings and our expertise.

Your proven method for creating success and harmony

Wing Tsun is about achieving success, but perhaps not as you’ve been told. It’s about finding your passion, letting go of habits, behaviours and patterns that don’t serve you – and creating an immensely powerful way of living in the process. Wing Tsun does this by combining together movement, breath, psychology and real world skills.

Kwoon gives you the tools, skills and experience to transform your everyday experience of life, whether at work, at home or in your relationships.  Passed down for nearly 100 generations of gifted masters, Wing Tsun guides you to create the life that you truly want to live.